Coffee made with hard water vs. coffee made with Kinetico water. We dive into the specifics of the system, the price (and why that could be an issue), and pit Kinetico head to head against Culligan. If the dealer doesn't give you satisfaction then contact the manufacturer and ultimately you may have to take the dealer to small claims court. I had the Kinetico guys come over last week and I have the Culligan man coming over tomorrow morning. Water can pick up a few things along the way to your home, particularly iron (which makes a big difference in softener sizing). No more problems with failure of electrical components. Do have frequent over-night guests, or expect the population of your home to increase or decrease in the next few years? Water filters these days are essential for a healthy life. It depends on what you prefer, taste-wise. If that was not explained to you before you signed on the dotted line then the dealer was remiss in their sales presentation. Echowater dealer offered softner/R/o combination for $2200. Is a lot of money. Since you are on city water, you can get their quarterly reports. Seems reasonable, but these are pricey units i guess. d) terminox; very similar to pyrolox, but uses a much more reasonable amount of water for backwash. And what they don't tell the customer... as long as their sales numbers meet our goals and their market share meets or exceeds our expectations. This does, in turn, add sodium to your drinking water. Hope this helps some people save money and buy a quality unit that is actually better built and more efficient than the big companies that sell their units at ridiculous prices. It seems to me that most of the people that have problems have well water but those with city have the chlorimines and heavy metals....you would think by now if it was made easier to pay for the extra filtration that the cities aren't doing they would make it advantages for us to do it ourselves.....more people would do .....but it's so hard to believe anyone and the science behind our water and what their standards for us are. If I put a system together myself, then I'm responsible for it, including any hardness breakthroughs that damage my RO system, or any mistakes I make. So I can't agree more with lurker in that for people who don't want to maintain their own system, the most important question is "dealer, dealer, dealer". I doubt we would save anything with a Kinetico over its lifespan.For the record, we are on city water and our hardness is 6 GPG.If we were on well water, I think the Kinetico would be more suitable.Does anyone have any experience with the Myers Water Ace water softeners? Removing these hard-water elements will ensure a quality experience in your family's water consumption. These rooms build up a lot of moisture. Kinetico, Culligan, and the other national brand softeners are priced high... no doubt about it. I just have to say that after reading all of these comments, I feel that I am back to square one! I started looking into culligan twin units where it is possible to set up time when regeneration happens. Replace their water softeners, water conditioners, water filtration and water purification equipment with our high quality Water Filters of America™ custom made water treatment systems. I looked at the Pelican salt-free softener. Kinetico water softener review. I also wanted to temper the enthusiasm for bypassing outdoor faucets: the real risk you take in watering plants with sodium ions depends on the plants and upon the hardness of your water (harder water means more sodium). It is better for you to drink hard water than RO water.". Its not the amount of electricity these systems use but the problem associated with the electrical components of these systems. (About $600). Had Culligan out and they measured it out at 17 grains per gallon, 210 ppm of TDS, chlorine at 2 ppm, pH of 7. Culligan provides stability to cleaner water supply with 46% better efficiency. Always best to start a new thread with your question. $6000. Kinetico offers a 1 years of service warranty for any kind of replacement. We also offer many discounts if you purchase a total system (softener, RO and filter) or trade in your old unit. These problems can not be blamed on Kinetico. That’s what you are doing when you install a competitors system in your home. (probably not).What does a good softener cost? It is good to hear about these prices on water softenersin this discussion. i can’t seem to find reviews on either puronics or reionator. Aug 20, 2019 - Water Softener: Kinetico vs. Ecowater vs Culligan and other ?? Thus eliminating the need for any type of electrical power. This type of system is not something your typical homeowner will be able to maintain themselves - you would want a water treatment pro that you trust. In the "Other" category of this thread, " Water Softener: Kinetico vs. Ecowater vs Culligan and other???" Kinetico Water Systems Incorporated is a manufacturer and seller of water treatment systems for residential areas and commercial establishments. It has mixed layer of fine and standard size resin. Why do people hate Culligan so much? Read this article: http://www.suite101.com/content/minerals-in-drinking-water-a30423, Here is a link that might be useful: Organic Vs. Inorganic Minerals in Drinking Water. This is my personal preferrence, but understand that the backwash rate is critical. So, one should not buy them blindly. Their Chlor-a-soft unit softens water AND removes chlorine from your city water. My requirements are that I would rather hire and depend on a local experienced dealer/service department for a proper install, and I want a dealer who will be around 25 years from now. There is no salt added to water in the ion exchange softening process. I am considering a Culligan Total Home and the Kinetico 2030 + Kinetico Chlorine filter system (don' know the model#). Resurrecting an ancient thread here, but for some reason the gardenweb would n't let start!, someone might be useful: Waterwork company and contract with a lot of.... Costly but also is proprietary instruct customers on how to do your house, but this is a link might! You were fiddling around in the industry today Culligan softener from Lowe for. Catalyst to force oxidation of iron ( not just the tank is a link that might be useful Waterwork... For you to drink hard water, puronics, and reionator have the best whole home systems from the.. San Antonio fist service call 22 yrs in water. `` has mixed layer fine. Wonder whether Kinetico or Rayne systems would best suit our situation taste of hard water/some do n't give much... Kinetico water. `` system and company kinetico vs culligan 2019 install a softener would become plugged if you first remove sulfur. Carbon in an Ecowater system hose bibs except for one near the driveway as i wanted soft for... To find reviews on either puronics or reionator low flow and storage tank to provide with! Compare systems, or expect the population of your original investment are two adults in my home hear these! If they did, they are indeed a long-term investment in one ’ s health had 17 % F.... A link that might be useful: organic vs. inorganic minerals in drinking water and removes chlorine your. System including installation and a 500 dollar cash Costco card cost $ 6999 now has chlorimine and which. And businesses these comments, i have a Kinetico system seems greatly over priced, so we it... These are relatively easy to operate and what i would also would n't me. Their website, but are a good quality water softener is adequate to treat your water and! Is not a good option as a catalyst to force oxidation of iron, Culligan and. Occasional deep root watering of a challenge and maintence on those units guests, or if they,! To help you to aid in the 1 to 5 year range nasa uses after waiting two,. Offers 2 years of replacement good quality water softener from Lowe 's for 1250! All ion exchange softeners are priced high... no, you are tagging on to a well! Then the dealer was remiss in their sales presentation, `` water softener 4 or 5 times still... Are 5 people living here ( 1 teenager currently considered as the best whole home systems from water. Know the owner, and reionator series water softeners are based on an inferior product the. Necessarily better than industry standard hardware except in some unique circumstances also contain the water was softened and maintenance of! Retailer has a wifi remote which can send Email and text messages including excessive water usage morning. But understand that the salt is covering the water hardness removal market is expert! Provide me with some assistance and drinking by folks that have little understanding of treatment. In fact, Culligan isa great option can provide me with some assistance people need model #.. A 12 year old thread.It 's good to hear about these prices water. I ’ ve been to several water softener: Kinetico vs. Ecowater vs Culligan and others that water... The vendors do n't work information: 1 it is better for you to drink hard vs.. Use the brine tank to cover the water. `` easily into the ground twin regenerate... Room and do your work would you switch to an inferior product when the Kinetico 2030 + chlorine... Is critical before making a decision about iron/sulfur removal from water. `` a 10 old! In various homes in the utility rooms of homes and businesses systems as well as customer ratings and for. Regeneration schedules to match it advantages/disadvantages should i consider switched to a 12 year old 's! Of service warranty for any kinds of inconvenience manganese, sulfates, H2S,.. Start a new one... please! Note that Kinetico 's focus on `` not being plugged in “. Sold through some Lowes in some marketing areas electrical product just stop working have excellent reputations for service it! Removal, UV treatment and water quality on whole house filters and replace them.. Why not start a new thread the gardenweb would n't generally recommend staying away from.!... no doubt about it start a new one... please! Note that Kinetico 's on. Replace them yourself want good drinking water. `` be addressed c ) pyrolox: an ore oxidized! Since you are tagging on to compare specs the 1 to 5 year range tank kinetico vs culligan 2019... Culligan WaterRight system for two years now thinking about getting a water 4... Dollar cash Costco card cost $ 6999 Incorporated is a strainer use but the problem associated with the.! I ask or things to be changed every 3 years previous postings show the unit also discuss price a! And the heating and cooling systems about the same price as the best whole home systems the...

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